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Wedding or football game? | South Florida weddings and events

I had to laugh at this. When I planned my own wedding, my husband was adamant that we didn't do it in the fall because of football season. Let me just say that most people thought this was ridiculous! Now, being a big Florida State fan myself, I saw his point but I wasn't about to give up my dream fall wedding. I compromised (that's what marriage is all about, right?!) and we were married on a Friday. Instead of a post wedding brunch though, our whole crew gathered at an FSU bar to watch the game.

Now, as a professional event planner, do I think that football should take precedence over a wedding? Absolutely not. That being said, you really should take into account a variety of factors when picking your date. If the majority of your guests are huge football fans, and your big day falls on a big game day, their attention is going to be divided. It's not just about football though - are there any big events happening in your city that day? What is the weather like that time of year? Are you giving yourself enough time to plan without being rushed? Setting your date is a huge milestone and sets planning into full motion! | A Wedding Planner's True Story of When She Had to Kill a Satellite Dish

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